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2016 Mock Election Partnership

From October 17-27, the Youth Leadership Initiative will host the 2016 National Mock Election. During this time students across the nation will have a chance to demonstrate enthusiasm for and understanding of the American political system by voting in their presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial elections. YLI has partnered with America’s Mock Election to provide fun incentives and motivations to spark a deep interest in the fate of American politics including celebrity PSA’s, interactive features, and downloadable apps available on the AME website at www.americasmockelection.org . Lesson plans allowing teachers to compare candidates and parties and helpful resources including downloadable posters and stickers to generate excitement are accessible from the YLI website, where teachers can customize and localize their ballots to best ensure maximum engagement among their students.

The goal of the Mock Election is to foster an academic environment promoting learning and growth among the next generation of voters, and teachers across the U.S. will have an opportunity to build a unique American experience within their own classrooms. Results will be made available on October 28 and will be used in a nationwide Mock Election television broadcast the week of the general election. The YLI Mock Election will empower students to take their country's future into their own hands.