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YLI’s 2019 National Mock Election and Jamestown: America’s Legacy student voter survey

YLI's 2019 Mock Election contains races for KY, MS and LA as well as a special survey highlighting relevant events that happened in Virginia in 1619. The survey is provided through a partnership with American Evolution. The 2019 Commemoration highlights the significance and modern relevance of several important events that occurred in Virginia in 1619. These events strongly influenced the development of the colony and shaped the foundation of the United States. Encourage critical thinking about important topics in history by preparing students with lesson plans designed to support the survey.

The 2015 YLI National Mock Election will open its polls on Monday, October 21st.The online voting program will run from the 21st through October 31st. Students in Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana will participate in mock elections for governor during the two week period. The results of the Jamestown: America's Legacy Survey will be posted on Wednesday, November 1st along with the Mock Election results.

Supporting materials for the Mock Election and Jamestown: America's Legacy Survey include:

1.The First Freedom Wall will be available for students to leave their thoughts and opinions on the events of 1619 and their effect on our democracy today.

2. Comparing the Candidates lesson plans for KY, MS and LA.

3. Media Literacy: Making Sense of the 24 Hour News Cycle

4. Political Ideology Survey

5. Expanding the Ideological Spectrum

6. Public Opinion Polls

The YLI Student Portal's Online Political Ideology Survey also allows students to determine their ideology and apply those ideas to the survey. As with all YLI programs the 2015 National Mock Election and Youth Voting Survey are available FREE of charge to registered teachers. For more information about the Mock Election and Jamestown: America's Legacy Survey please visit www.youthleadership.net.