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Congress is older, better educated, more white, more male, and richer than the rest of the United States. In the 116th Congress there are:

  • 59 African-Americans,
  • 48 Hispanic-Americans,
  • 18 Members of Asian or Native Hawaiian ancestry,
  • 4 Native Americans,
  • 1 Multiethnic.
  • The total number of women in Congress is 127. There are 25 in the Senate and 102 in the House, three of whom are non-voting delegates from Washington, DC, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Does it make a difference if a representative or senator is male or female, African-American or Latino or Caucasian, young or old, gay or straight? Can a man represent the interests of women as well as a woman can? Can a rich woman represent the interests of the poor? Are veterans more sensitive to veterans' issues? Visit the Congressional Research Service for more demographic information of the 116th Congress.

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