H.R.VA0432 Fight Fair

Bill # H.R. VA0432
Sponsors Burton, Bery, Greene, Sutto of Virginia
Topic Foreign Policy
Title Fight Fair
Purpose To stop the United States from supplying
defense/military aid to countries who have violated the human rights
of their citizens or citizens of other countries
Eligibility Any country that is found to
be in-line with human rights, the U.S. constitution, the U.N. constitution,
and human rights can receive military aid from the United States.
Countries that violate the afore mentioned documents will not be eligible
for defense aid. Countries that do violate the documents are still
eligible for aid of other kinds, be it medical, economic, or what
not. This bill has no bearing on non-military aid.
Terms and Benefits

Countries that wish to receive military aid from the United States
have to undergo inspections by U.S. agents and U.N. inspectors.
Inspectors will look for violations of the U.N. constitution, the
Geneva conventions, human rights accords, and actions that are not
in line with the spirit of the U.S. Constitution. Countries that
were in violation in the past are eligible if and only if they have
improved themselves and have passed new inspections. If a country
was receiving military aid and that country violates the Geneva
conventions or human rights laws or U.N. rules (if said country
is in the UN), the U.S. must cease any and all military aid. The
benefits of this bill are that countries who violate the human rights
of their citizens or citizens of other countries, countries that
conduct illegal warfare or acts of violence, or countries that do
not follow U.S. or U.N. indicts will not be receiving U.S. aid.
The U.S. will have no part in the illegal violence of other nations.
We will be morally absolved.

Fiscal Impact
Category Amount Description
Equipment $350,000 Office space, computers & supplies for
government compliance offices (5 regional)
Labor $255,000 Annual salaries for workers
Energy Resources $1500 Annual expense for offices
Education $2 million Training compliance workers
Marketing $2 million Informing all businesses of requirements
and informing all employees about their rights.
Transportation 0 Not necessary
Legal $50 million Interpretation of privacy statute; handling
any potential litigation that arises as a result
Other 0 Not necessary
Total $54,606,500