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First Freedom Wall

Giving Voice to Opinions

Living in an age of constantly changing technology creates a need to teach students the skills of discourse, debate and compromise. A large part of this education relies on students’ abilities to communicate with each other online. The First Freedom Wall engages students in the process of critical thinking and civility by opening their eyes to the experiences of their peers across the nation. Let’s bring America’s students together to make our democracy stronger!

“We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

—Thomas Jefferson
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YLI has the ability to create National Topics for the digital First Freedom Wall. Students who respond to these topics will be in touch with their peers across the nation. Topics will be updated on a regular basis to keep conversations relevant. All comments in the National and Anytime First Freedom Wall must be approved by the teacher to reinforce the skills of civil discourse when using social media.

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Features of the First Freedom Wall include:

  • The ability for teachers to post comments and questions that promote critical thinking
  • Comments can be shared with students across the country
  • National Posts created by YLI that are designed to spur national discourse on current issues in American politics
  • The Talking Turkey series of lesson plans that provide strategies for the discussion of controversial topics in the
  • classroom
  • Teachers monitor student comments in order to stress the importance of civil discourse.
  • A Classroom Contract for Controversial Topics
  • Resources on Media Literacy

Get your students in the game with the digital First Freedom Wall!