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The Speaker of the House presides over the House of Representatives and is the only officer of the House specifically mentioned in the Constitution. Other House leadership roles also are determined by membership in the majority or minority party. Party members also elect a majority leader and a minority leader, who both work closely with the speaker.

Each party also elects a whip, who is responsible for persuading Members to support their own party's position on issues. Whips serve as communication links, distributing information about the party's position on issues from leaders to Members and alerting leaders to the concerns of party members.

Click here to view a list of House leaders and to visit their websites.

The majority party in the House of Representatives is the Democratic Party making the Republican Party the minority party. The 117th Congress currently includes 225 Democratic (including 3 Delegates) and 215 Republican (including 1 delegate and the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico) Members in the House with one seat vacant. The 2020 elections resulted in the Republican Party holding 50 Senate seats, the Democratic Party 48 seats plus two Independents who caucus with them which equates to 50 Democratic Senate seats. When a 50/50 split exists, the Vice President casts the deciding vote in the case of a tie. Since the Vice President is Kamala Harris who is a member of the Democratic Party, that party is considered to be in the majority. This information will be updated following the 2022 elections.

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