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Work on Your Bill

Representative _________, congratulations on completing the research for your legislation. It is now time to write your bill. Before you proceed, remember what you learned during the Research Phase.

Identify National Issues
Adding a stop sign to a street in Indiana may not get the support of your colleagues in Texas.

Research Your Legislation
Are you suggesting legislation that already exists?
What opposition might your bill face from other members of E-Congress?

Remember the Constitution
Congress cannot pass a law that conflicts with any part of the Constitution.

Measure the Cost of Your Legislation
Offering college scholarships to every graduating senior may be appealing, but where will the money come from?

Click here to view and print out the Bill Review Guide your fellow E-Legislators will use to evaluate your bill during the next phase of E-Congress. To give your bill a better chance of passing successfully through the final two phases of E-Congress, take these guidelines into consideration as you work.

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