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When President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed the Social Security Act, he didn't call it the "Dignity in Old Age Act" or the "Keep Grandma out of the Poorhouse Act." Lately, things have changed: when Republicans took control of Congress in 1995, a new trend of naming bills more creatively emerged. A tax-cutting bill, for example, was named the "American Dream Restoration Act," and the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation bill's name was changed to the "Balanced Budget" bill to garner more favorable attention.

Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) wondered aloud on the House Floor if the immigration bill entitled the "Immigration in the National Interest Act" should be renamed the "Statue of Liberty Was Wrong Act." One representative, in an attempt to promote a bill requiring football, baseball, basketball, and hockey to use instant replays, named his proposal the "What Really Happened Bill" after rejecting his first choice, "It Wasn't a Touchdown, Stupid, Bill." Below are bill titles from recent of National E-Congresses. Click here to view a list of bills currently in Congress. You may need to scroll down on that page as the bills initially are not identified by their given names.

Off the Streets and Into Homes
This is a bill to provide job training and affordable housing expenses for the homeless.

The "New Kids on the Block" Bill
The purpose of this bill is to form a national curriculum for all public schools in the United States.

Don't Suspect, Inspect Nursing Homes
This is a bill to require nursing homes to obtain a federal inspection twice during a four month duration.

To Hack or Not To Hack
This bill prohibits the selling or instruction of hacking programs or software.

Electric Makes More Sense
A bill aimed towards lowering pollution by increasing the sale of electric and hybrid cars.

S.C.R.A.M. (Stem Cell Research to Advance Medicine)
This bill is intended to increase the funding in stem cell research in order to make medical advancements and save lives.

Minimum Wage for Maximum Opportunity
A bill to create a minimum wage for all American companies whether located in the United States or abroad.

Consider the information above as you determine a title for your legislation. When you are ready, click on "Work on Your Bill" at the top of the page to enter the title for your bill. Remember, you may edit this section before submitting your finished bill to your teacher.

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