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  1. Set priorities. There may be more bills on the House Floor than you have time to consider. That is okay! This actually happens in Congress quite a bit. Members of Congress must decide what issues are most important to them and to their constituents, so you should do the same. Bills will be grouped by topic, so one suggestion is to limit the number of topics on which you will vote.
  2. Before voting, read each piece of legislation carefully and evaluate its merits.
  3. As an E-Legislator, you may cast a vote for each bill in the House Floor. You can choose from the following legislative actions.
    Vote Description
    Yea You support the legislation and vote for
    it to become law.
    Nay You do not support the legislation.
    Abstain You choose neither to support nor oppose
    the legislation.
  4. For any bills which you are unable to evaluate, your vote will be recorded as Abstain.

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