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Defining eligibility is a good first step toward thinking about how much your bill will cost, something you will be deciding shortly. The more people your bill affects, the more it is likely to cost. For instance, if your eligibility includes all Americans, it will cost much more than if it only applies to college graduates who would like to become public school teachers as in the example below.

TITLE: Educate Our Teachers Act of 2018
An individual may apply if he or she
(1) has a baccalaureate degree in any academic field
(2) is a citizen of the United States
(3) is above the age of 22
(4) uses loan of $15,000 per year for the furthering of their master's degree

Here are some additional examples of eligibility statements from previous sessions of E-Congress. They may be helpful to you as you try to create your own statement of eligibility.

TITLE: Stem Cell Research Testing Bill
PURPOSE: To provide federal funding to volunteers who have agreed to submit to testing the effectiveness of stem cell research on neurodegenerative and celluar diseases.
1. Is a legal resident of the United States of America
2. Has a neurodegenerative or celluar disease.
3. Are as yet untreated.

TITLE: Electric makes more sense
PURPOSE: A bill aimed towards lowering pollution by increasing the sale of electric and hybrid cars.
ELIGIBILITY: All individuals who currently hold a US drivers license.

When you are ready, click on "Work on Your Bill" at the top of the page to complete the eligibility section of your bill. Remember, you may edit this section before submitting your finished bill to your teacher.

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