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This section of your bill adds detail to the general information in the Purpose and Eligibility sections of your legislation. You will now need to think about what specific requirements your bill will contain. You may want to consider how many people can be served by your bill or how long the bill will be in effect.

You read a sample piece of legislation from a previous session of E-Congress, entitled "Educate Our Teachers Act of 2018," when writing your eligibility section. This bill provided financial aid for those interested in going to graduate school to become teachers. Teachers could repay their loans by agreeing to work in the public schools for two years after graduation. Read the Terms and Benefits of this same bill below:


1. Participants will receive loans of up to $15,000 per year ($30,000 over two years) for a term not exceeding two years in order to achieve a master's degree in any field of education;

2. A six-month training institute is required, and after completion participants will be placed at a school;

3. Teacher salary is left to the discretion of the local school board;

4. For the first year the number of participants chosen will not exceed 1,000 people and will increase thereafter according to the success of the program;

5. Participants will be eligible for education awards of $7,500 for each year of service ($15,000 over two years) to be applied to student loans;

6. Transportation and/or living expenses are covered by the program during the six-month institute period and up to two months after placement at a site.

Just like the authors of this bill, you need to be as specific as you can in writing your Terms and Benefits. Other E-Legislators are more likely to support a bill that covers each of the following issues:

  • Which Americans would be affected by this bill? All? Only those under 18? Potential immigrants? Anyone with a driver's license?
  • What benefits or penalties would this bill create?
  • Who will enforce the terms of this bill?
  • How long will your bill be in effect? One year? Five?

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