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Work on Your Bill

The next step is to explain the purpose of your legislation. This is the heart of your bill. The title of your bill should grab the attention of your fellow e-Legislators - now it's time to tell them exactly what the title means.

The purpose does not need to be lengthy, but it should describe the goal(s) of your bill. When other e-Legislators read your purpose statement, they should be able to picture what this bill could do for our country. Read the two examples below. The first is from a Congressional bill; the second is from a student bill in a previous session of E-Congress.

H.R. 1 No Child Left Behind Act of 2002
Purpose The purpose and intent of this title are to ensure that all children have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.
H.R. 5251 Give Us Time to Vote Act of 2019
Purpose To establish federal Election Day as a public holiday for voters to have time to vote.

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